Scotts Woodpecker Bar & Basket Combo

Scotts Woodpecker Bar contained inside special Basket Feeder.

Refill with Scotts Woodpecker Bar singles.

Same formula as Scotts Woodpecker Mini-Snack and Scotts Woodpecker Snack.

Complements Scotts Trail Mix for Woodpeckers Blend and Scotts Trail Mix for Woodpeckers Suet.


Premium Woodpecker pressed seed treat formed into a traditional bar format for a natural feeding experience.

Contains within a specially designed basket feeder for the Scotts Woodpecker Bar. Feeder is vinyl coated for easy cleaning, rust resistance and bird comfort. Feeder is also squirrel resistant.  Feeder also contains chain for easy hanging.

Can be refilled using the Scotts Woodpecker bar singles.