Scotts Wild Finch & Small Songbird Jug

Feed using Tube Feeder (with small holes, for finches)

Blend available in 1.8KG and 3.63KG bag sizes



Fill up your bird feeders the Scotts way! Use Scotts Bird Food jugs – the easy to carry, easy to pour & easy to store way to feed the birds.

Scotts Wild Finch & Small Songbird Jug contains the same great formula as Scotts Wild Finch & Small Songbird – but in a convenient jug format! Attracts 2x more Finches than nyjer alone! Scotts Wild Finch & Small Songbird Blend is a superior blend with a patented formula that is designed specifically for the food preferences of wild finches and other small songbirds.

Size: 2.27 kg (5 lb)

Ingredients: Nyjer, Red Millet, Sunflower Chips, Vitamin & Mineral Pre-mix

Attracts: American Goldfinches, House Finches, Purple Finches, House Sparrows and other small songbirds.